Grade 8 Unit 3 Topic 2 Section C

Mozart — the Wonder Boy
Do you know Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart?
The great composer, Mozart, started writing music when he was just a little boy. Here’s a story about Mozart when he was a child. J?
Father Mozart used to give his daughter, X ‘
Nannerl, music lessons on the piano. And little Wolfgang Mozart was in the room. He watched and listened to every note his sister played. One day, when her lesson was over, he asked, “May I have a lesson, papa?” “You are too little!” said Father Mozart.
When Father Mozart and Nannerl left the room, little Wolfgang went up to the piano and pressed the keys. He smiled. The music sounded beautiful. Father Mozart heard him and came to see him. Wolfgang was playing well without any help. Father Mozart decided to give his little boy music lessons.
Soon Wolfgang played as well as his big sister, Nannerl. He learned so quickly that his father was very happy. But when Wolfgang started to write music by himself, Father Mozart was surprised. No one could believe that a little boy of five could write such beautiful music. He was an amazing child, a born musician.

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