. Material analysis

本节课通过四组图画和对话呈现教学,主要活动是1a和2a。学生将在本课中进一步学习表示问候、道别、感谢的表达方式“Good afternoon.”,“How are you?”及其答语“Fine, thanks. I’m OK.”此外,还将完成26个英文字母的学习。本节课是一节读写课,教师在教学过程中,应该把重心放在对学生读写能力的培养上,加强学生语言运用能力的培养。

Ⅱ. Teaching aims

  1. Knowledge aims

能够正确朗读并运用下列词汇: afternoon, goodbye, fine, and, here

能熟练读写字母 Oo~Zz并认识到字母有印刷体和书写体,大写和小写之分;

能用英语表达有关问候和告别: How are you? Fine, thanks. And you?  I’m OK. Goodbye. Here you are. Thank you.

⒉ Skill aims







⒊ Emotional aims




Ⅲ. The key points and difficult points

  1. Key points



  1. Difficult points

Be动词am, is, are的应用;



Ⅳ. Learning strategies


Ⅴ. Teaching aids


Ⅵ. Teaching procedures

1. Review and Leading-in

1)  Greet with students using the expressions learned in Sections A & B.

2) Play a game to review the letters from A to N.

3) Play the tape. Let the Ss learn to sing the song, The ABC Song.

2. Learning and Understanding

1)  Show a flashcard with the sentence “How do you do?” to a student and ask him/her to give the answer.

2) Give the student who can give the answer correctly the card and say, “Here you are.”  Lead them to response with “Thank you”.

3) Walk to one student and say, “Hello! How are you?” Help the student respond, “Fine, thanks. And you?” and continue to say, “I’m OK.”  Show the flashcard with “How are you ?” on it and let students follow it twice;

4) Walk to one student and let him/her to ask the teacher “How are you?” and answer, “Fine, thanks. And you?”

5) Show the pictures in 1a to the Ss, and let them think about what the people may say. Then choose four pairs to make a conversation about the pictures.

6) Write down the short conversations on the Bb, and play the tape. Let the Ss listen and number the pictures.

7) Listen to 1a and follow. Then let the Ss read 1a aloud.

8) Ask the Ss work in pairs to act the conversations out.

9) Let the Ss make up a new conversation with the expressions in 1a and Sections A & B. Then let several pairs to give a show.

3. Letters.

1) Show the letter cards from Oo to Zz one by one and read them with rising and falling tones;

Ask students to write them down with correct stroke order;

Walk around the classroom and check;

Then write down the letters one by one with correct stroke order while reading them aloud.

2) Let students do 2b first by themselves;

Play the tape and let students check the answer of 2b.

3) Show some words we have learnt to students and write them down on the blackboard.

4) Play the ABC song and check the answer.

4. Summarizing and Assignment

1) Summary what was learned in this class.

2) Ask several students to sing the song, The ABC Song.

3) Homework

  • Review the words and expressions in Section C;
  • Make up a new conversation orally;
  • Write the letters Aa~Zz on four-line grid;
  • Copy the new words for five times;
  • Sing the letters song;
  • Preview Section D-Grammar and Functions.

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