Ⅰ. Material analysis

本节课是一节复习课,主要活动是grammar, functions 及数字的应用。Grammar部分通过练习的方式引导学生总结主格人称代词的用法。Be动词is, are和疑问代词what/who/where引导的疑问句及缩略形式。Functions部分通过引导学生复习Sections A~C,总结本话题所学的询问姓名、电话号码和国籍等功能的表达法。另外,通过综合练习活动,拓展学生的知识面,巩固数字、询问姓名和国籍等基本情况的表达。最后,老师通过Project活动让学生根据要求完成自己的名片设计,培养学生灵活运用所学语言的能力。

. Teaching aims

  1. Knowledge aims

引导学生自主总结be动词am, is, are的一般现在时在不同情况下形式上的变化及缩写形式I’m = I am, they’re = they are, what’s = what is, aren’t = are not, isn’t = is not;

引导学生复习用英语表达询问姓名、国籍、电话号码的方式:What’s your name? Where are you from? What’s your telephone number?

引导学生总结本话题特殊疑问词what, where, who引导的特殊疑问句及缩写形式。

  1. Skill aims





能够初步了解元音字母a, e及辅音字母p, b, t, d, k, g的读音规则。

⒊ Emotional aims




Ⅲ. The key points and difficult points

  1. Key points


引导学生复习人称代词:I, you, they, we, she, he , it; 物主代词:my, your, her;

引导学生复习be动词am, is, are的一般现在时在不同情况下形式上的变化;

引导学生复习缩写形式I’m = I am, they’re = they are, what’s = what is, aren’t = are not, isn’t = is not;

引导学生掌握元音字母a, e及辅音字母p, b, t, d, k, g的读音规则。

  1. Difficult points

正确使用特殊疑问词what, where, who引导的特殊疑问句;

正确使用be动词am, is, are;

正确使用元音字母a, e及辅音字母p, b, t, d, k, g的读音规则并能根据发音规则拼读含有以上字母发音的单词。

Ⅳ. Learning strategies

  1. 培养学生借助图片听、说、读、写的习惯;
  2. 能够逐渐养成进行预习和复习的好习惯。

Ⅴ. Teaching aids


Ⅵ. Teaching procedures

1. Greetings and Leading-in

1)  Greet with the Ss.

2) Make a conversation with one or two students to review the key sentences in this Topic.

3) Sing the Numbers Song together.  The show the numbers in 1 and let the Ss talk about their meanings.

4) Show the learning objects. (Review and a Lottery game)

2. Review

1) Show the rule of the Lottery game. 

钻石免费 永久钻石免费


8) Task 7 Introduce others (Project 3)

3. Summary and Assignment

1) Show the Lottery Numbers:  four figures

2) Summary

3) Homework

  • Make new dialogues with the function sentences;
  • Preview the new words in Topic 3 Section A and 1a.