Ⅰ. Material analysis

本节课是Topic 3的第一节课,主要活动是1a,2a和4a。通过李明和简在学校大门口互相问候及询问对方有关年龄、年级和班级等个人信息的对话,并在复习前两个话题所学内容的基础上展开新课的学习。学生在本课将学习有关询问年龄、年级和班级等个人信息的基本表达,基数词11~20及元音字母i和辅音字母f, v, m, n, s, z, h的读音规则。

. Teaching aims

⒈ Knowledge aims

能够根据已学语音及发音规则,正确朗读并运用下列词汇: twelve, year, old, class, grade, in, eleven, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen 等;


能够用谈论年龄、年级和班级等个人信息的基本表达形式交流: How old are you? I’m … How old is she? She/He is … What class/grade are you in? I’m in Class/Grade … Who’s that? That’s …

能够掌握元音字母i及辅音字母f, v, m, n, s, z的读音规则并根据读音规则拼读含有以上字母发音的单词。

⒉ Skill aims






⒊ Emotional aims


Ⅲ. The key points and difficult points

⒈ Key points



⒉ Difficult points


复数句型和单数句型的转换:How old are you? How old is she?

能够掌握元音字母i及辅音字母f, v, m, n, s, z, h的读音规则。

Ⅳ. Learning strategies

  1. 学生认真听录音和老师的发音,大胆开口,反复模仿。
  2. 培养学生主动学习的好习惯有利于他们学会知识,掌握知识。

Ⅴ. Teaching aids


Ⅵ. Teaching procedures

1. Greetings and Leading-in

1)  Greet with the Ss.

2) Sing the number song. And lead to the new lesson.

3) Show the learning objectives.

2. Learning and understanding

1) Show a passage and pictures to teach the new words and expressions.

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7) Point out the sentences: “What class are you in?” “I am in Class Five, Grade Seven.” Then write down the sentences on the blackboard.   The teacher plays the tape.

8) Let the Ss listen to 2b and match. After checking the answers, ask them to ask and answer using the key sentences on the Bb.

3. Practice

1) Show the name card of Jane and let students complete the name card orally; Then let students open the book and complete the name card by themselves.

2) Choose two students to introduce Jane to the whole class.

3) Answer the teacher’s question.

T: “Hello! What grade are you in?”   S1: I am in Grade Seven.

T: “Are you in Grade Seven, too? ”   S2: “Yes, I am.”;

4)  Students listen and complete the conversations.

5)  Practice the conversations with their partners;

6)  Two pairs show their conversations.

4. Pronunciation

1) Show a card with the word “nice” and let students read the word then show other cards with “bike kite side ” on them, and let students try to read the words;

Then show a card with the word “in” on it, and then let students read the word and show other cards with “big dig kid” on them, and then let students try to read the words;

Give students 1 minute to talk about the rules of pronunciation “/I/ /aI/” Then choose one student to show his/her idea;

Write the word “fine” on the blackboard and let students read it together;

Write down other words “fan fat gift” and let students try to read the words by themselves, choose some students to read the words.;

2) Let students read the words in 4b by themselves;

Then listen to the tape, check and repeat;

Divide the students into four groups; Every group should read one group of words. The group which reads most correctly will be praised.

5. Summary and assignment

1)   Let students make their name cards first;  Then choose some  students to report his/her name card and others’ name cards in the group.

2)  Summary.

3) Homework

  • Review the key sentences in Section A;
  • Make a short dialogue orally;
  • Copy the new words in workbook;
  • Preview the new words in Section B-1a.



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