Grade 7 Units 7-8 Review


Yesterday was April 22nd. It was Jane’s birthday. Her parents had a party for her In a restaurant. They had a big birthday cake at the party. There were 13 candles on it. They sang the song Happy Birthday and Jane blew out the candles.
Jane got many presents for her birthday. Her father bought her a guitar because she likes music very much. Her mother bought her a new MP4. Jane also got some birthday cards from her classmates. The cards said “Happy Birthday” and “Best Wishes”. Jane had a very happy day.


Dear Li Hua,

How is everything? I’m very happy that the summer holidays are coming. I want to go to your hometown to visit you this year. Is it good? Can you tell me what the weather is like there in summer and what places I should visit? Please tell me what I should take with me there. I’m looking forward to your letter.

Give my best wishes to your parents!


Lin Tao

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