What is the difference between Abandon and Desert? :


A ) go away from a thing, place or person not intending to return (不打算回来的)离开事物、地点或人

The crew abandoned the sinking ship.船员们放弃了那艘正在下沉的船。

B ) leave something / someone to be taken by someone 任由某人或某物被人带走

They abandoned their land and property to the invading forces.他们把土地和财产拱手让给了侵略军。

C ) give up completely 彻底放弃

The Match Was Abandoned Becaue Of Bad Weather.比赛因天气恶劣而取消了。

D ) yield completely to am emotion or impulse完全屈服于自己的情感或冲动

He abandoned himself to despair.他陷入了绝望。


( A ) leave somebody without help or support 让某人得不到帮助或支持

He deserted his young wife and went abroad. 他抛弃了年轻的妻子到国外去了。

B ) leave service in the armed forces 离开军队不再服役

Ten soldiers deserted from the army. 十名士兵从部队里逃兵了。

C ) fail somebody 使某人失望

His courage deserted him. 他失去了勇气。