What is the difference between Act and Action? :

Act : (noun)

( 1 ) Thing done – deed

It is an act of kindness to help a blind man cross the street.

( 2 ) Any of the main divisions of a play or an opera

This is a play in five cats.

( 3 ) Any of the series of short performances in a programme – piece of entertainment

There was a song and dance act in the programme.

( 4 ) Degree or law made by the legislative body

Parliament has passed an act which makes such sports illegal.

( 5 ) Way of behaving which is not genuine, but adopted for the effect it will have on others – pretence

Do not take him seriously. It is all an act.

She is just putting on an act.

Act : (verb)

( 1 ) Do something

His life was saved because the doctors acted very promptly.

( 2 ) Do what is expected of one as a professional or an official person

The police refused to act without more evidence.

( 3 ) Perform a part in a play or film – be an actor or actress

She acts well.

Have you ever acted?

( 4 ) Take the part of a character in a play or in a film

Who is acting the part of Sita?

( 5 ) Pretend by one’s behaviour to be a certain person or type of person

He is really angry. His is just acting.

Action : (noun)

( 1 ) Process of doing something – activity – using energy or influence

The time has come for action.

He is a man of action.

( 2 ) Events in a short story or ply

The action of the play is set in Kolkatta.

( 3 ) Fighting in battle between troops, warships and so on

Hundreds of people were killed in action during the Iraq and USA war.

He saw action during the last Indo-Pakistan war.

( 4 ) Legal process or lawsuit

He brought an action against her.

( 5 ) Way of functioning especially of a part of the body

Study the action of the liver.