Pre-reading activity

1. What animals do you like?

2. Do you have any animals in your home?

3. Do you think that most animals can see as well as we can?


Scientists think that many – perhaps most – animals don’t see colors. The world is black and white to them. To find out if dogs could see colors, scientists played a certain piece of music before giving their dogs some food.
After a few days the dogs started getting ready to eat every time they heard this piece of music. They did not get ready to eat when, they heard other pieces of music.
Then the scientists showed the dogs a certain color before giving them food. After a few days the dogs would get ready to eat when they saw this color. The scientists then showed the dogs a different color and the dogs got ready to eat again. The dogs could not distinguish between the different colors.
Monkeys, however, can see distinct differences between colors. For example, if we put food in a red box on a daily basis, a monkey will always go to the red box to get the food. If we then fill a blue box with food, the monkey won’t go to it.


Circle the correct answer.

The story is about _________________

1. monkeys and boxes.

2. scientists and boxes.

3. scientists and color.

4. animals and color.

Circle the correct answer.

1. All colors look the same to  _________________

a. dogs.

b. monkeys,

c. scientists,

d. all animals.

2. Some scientists wanted to find out if dogs _________________

a. liked eating,

b. saw colors,

c. liked monkeys.

d. liked music.

3. The scientists played a certain piece of music _________________

a. after giving the dogs some food.

b. before giving the dogs some food.

c. before showing the dogs some boxes.

d. after showing the dogs some monkeys.