Luciano Pavarotti was from Italy. At first, he wanted to be a football player, but he was also a wonderful singer.
As a young boy, he listened to famous singers on the radio. When he grew up, he worked as a teacher. He had singing lessons when he wasn’t at school.
In l%3, he went to London +o sing in an opera because another singer was ill. Soon he was a big star.
He sang in a concert before the football World Cup in Italy. Millions of people watched the concert on TV and then bought his CDs.
Luciano Pavarotti died when he was 71, People still listen to his CDs and love his beautiful singing.

Find similar sentences in the text using the word in brackets. Write.

1  Pavarotti was a young boy. He listened to famous singers on the radio, (as)

2  He grew up. He worked as a teacher, (when)

3  Millions of people watched the concert. Then they bought his CDs. (and)

4  Pavarotti was 71. He died, (when)