1a 对话

That’s my family. Those are my parents.

Who’s she?

She’s my sister. Oh, and these are my brothers.

2d  对话

Sally: Good morning, Jane.
Jane: Good morning, Sally.
Sally: Oh, Jane, this is my sister Kate. Kate, this is my friend Jane.
Kate: Nice to meet you, Jane.
Jane: Nice to meet you, too. Are those your parents?
Kate: Yes, they are.
Jane: And who’s he?
Sally: He’s my brother, Paul.
Jane: Oh, I see. Well, have a good day!
Sally/Kate: Thanks! You, too. Bye!


2b 阅读

My Family
Hi, I’m Jenny. Here are two nice photos of my family. My grandfather and grandmother are in the fi rst photo.
These are my parents, Alan and Mary.
In the next picture are my brothers, Bob and Eric. Th ese two girls are my sister Cindy and my cousin Helen.
Coco is in my family, too.