Section A

1a 对话

When is your birthday, Linda?
My birthday is on May 2nd.

When is your birthday, Mike?
My birthday is on June 3rd.

When is your birthday, Mary?
It’s on January 5th.

2d 练习

A: When is Alice’s birthday?
B: Her birthday is on September 5th.
A: When is your father’s birthday?
B: His birthday is on _____________.

2e 对话

Bill: Hi, Alan. Happy birthday!
Alan: Th ank you, Bill.
Bill: So, how old are you, Alan?
Alan: I’m twelve. How old are you?
Bill: I’m thirteen.
Alan: When is your birthday?
Bill: My birthday is in August.
Alan: Well, do you want to come to my birthday party?
Bill: Oh, yes. When is it?
Alan: At three this aft ernoon.
Bill: OK, great. See you!


Section B

2b 阅读

Dear students,

We have some interesting and fun things for you this term. On September 21st, we have a school trip in the afternoon.
October is a great month. On the 12th and the 15th, we have two ball games, soccer and volleyball.
School Day is on October 22nd. Your parents can come to our school. Next month, we have an art festival. It’s on November 3rd. We have an English party on November 30th. And on December 3rd, we have a book sale in the school library.
Th is is a really busy term! Have a good time!