Section A

1a. 对话

What’s your favorite subject?

My favorite subject is science.

1c 练习

A: What’s your favorite subject?
B: My favorite subject is art.

2c 练习

What’s your favorite subject?
Why do you like science?
Because it’s interesting.


2d 对话

Frank: Hi, Bob. How’s your day?
Bob: It’s OK. I like Monday because I have P.E. and history. Th ey’re my favorite subjects.
Frank: Who’s your P.E. teacher?
Bob: Mr. Hu. He always plays games with us.
Frank: Th at’s great! But why do you like history? It’s boring.
Bob: Oh, I think history is interesting. What’s your favorite day?
Frank: Friday.
Bob: Why?
Frank: Because the next day is Saturday!
Bob: Haha! Th at’s for sure. I like Friday, too.

Section B

2b 阅读

Dear Jenny,

I am very busy on Friday. At 8:00 I have math.
It is not fun. Th e teacher says it is useful, but I think it is diffi cult. Th en at 9:00 I have science. It is diffi cult but interesting. At 10:00 I have history. Aft er that, I have P.E. at 11:00. It is easy and fun. Lunch is from 12:00 to 1:00, and aft er that we have Chinese. It is my favorite subject. Our Chinese teacher, Mrs. Wang, is great fun. My classes fi nish at 1:50, but aft er that I have an art lesson for two hours. It is really relaxing!
How about you? When are your classes? What is your favorite subject?

Your friend,

Yu Mei