Grade 7 A Unit 7 How much are these socks?

Section A

1a 对话

How much is this T-shirt?  It’s seven dollars.

How much are these socks?  They’re two dollars.

1c 练习

A: How much is this T-shirt?
B: It’s seven dollars.
A: How much are these socks?
B: Th ey’re two dollars.

2d 练习

A: I like these shorts. How much are they?
B: They’re six dollars.

2e 对话

Woman: Can I help you?
Mary: Yes, please. I need a sweater for school.
Woman: OK. What color do you want?
Mary: Blue.
Woman: How about this one?
Mary: It looks nice. How much is it?
Woman: Nine dollars.
Mary: I’ll take it. How much are those yellow socks?
Woman: Two dollars for one pair and three dollars for two pairs.
Mary: Great! I’ll take two pairs.
Woman: Here you are.
Mary: Thank you.
Woman: You’re welcome.


3c 练习

B: How much are the socks?
A: Umm, they’re three dollars.

Section B

2b 阅读

Mr. Cool’s Clothes Store
Come and buy your clothes at our great sale! We sell all our clothes at very good prices. Do you like sweaters?
We have green sweaters for only 15! Yellow sweaters are only 12! Do you need trousers? For boys, we have black trousers for only 22. And shorts are only 16! For girls, we have skirts in purple for only 20. How much are our jackets? Only 30! And we have black shoes for only 28. Socks are only 2 for three pairs! Come to Mr. Cool’s Clothes Store now!



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