Section A

1a 对话

Do you like bananas?  Yes, I do.

Do you like salad?   No, I don’t.

Do you like oranges?  Yes, I do.

2d 对话

Jack: Hey, John’s birthday dinner is next week. Let’s think about the food.
Tom: Sure. How about burgers, vegetable salad, and some fruit?
Bill: Sounds good. John likes hamburgers.
Jack: Oh, I don’t like salad.
Bill: But John likes salad, and it’s his birthday.
Jack: Yes, you’re right. What about the fruit?
Tom: I think John likes strawberries and apples.
Bill: OK. Let’s have strawberries and apples then.


Section B

2b. 阅读

Sports Star Eats Well!
David asks the volleyball star, Cindy Smith, about her eating habits.
David: Hello, Cindy. What do you like for breakfast?
Cindy: I love fruit. I think it’s healthy.
David: OK. So what fruit do you like? Do you like bananas?
Cindy: Well, I don’t like bananas. But I like oranges and apples.
David: What about lunch? Do you like salad?
Cindy: Yes, I really like it.
David: Hmm … and do you like hamburgers for dinner?
Cindy: Oh, no, they’re not healthy. I like chicken for dinner.
David: OK, well, one last question — do you eat ice-cream aft er dinner?
Cindy: Err … I like ice-cream … but I don’t eat it. I don’t want to be fat.