Section A


Let’s see the pandas first. They’re my favorite animals.
Because they’re very cute.


A: Let’s see the lions.
B: Why do you want to see them?
A: Because they’re interesting.


Jenny: Your dog is really cute, Peter!
Peter: He’s my new pet, Dingding. He’s very smart.
Jenny: Really? What can he do?
Peter: He can walk on two legs. He can dance; too.
Jenny: Wow!
Peter: Does your family have a pet?
Jenny: My mom has a big cat, but I don’t like her.
Peter: Why don’t you like the cat?
Jenny: Well, because she’s kind of boring. She sleeps all day) and her name is Lazy.
Peter: Haha, then that’s a good name for her!


A: Is the animal big?
B: Yes, it is.
A: W heres the animal from?
B: It’s from China.
A: Is it black and white?
B: Yes, it is.
A: It s a panda! jo
B: Yes, you’re right!


Section B


A: W hat animals do you like?
B: I like elephants.
A: Why?
B: Because they re cute. What animals do you like?
A: I like dogs because they re friendly and smart.


Hello. We are students from Thailand, and we want to save the elephants. The elephant is one of  Thailand’s symbols. Our first flag had a white elephant on it. This is a symbol of good luck.
Elephants are smart animals. They can play soccer or music. They can also draw very well. People say that “an elephant never forgets”. Elephants can walk for a long time and never get lost. They can also remember places with food and water. This helps them to live.
But elephants are in great danger. People cut down many trees so elephants are losing their homes. People also kill elephants for their ivory[1]


  • 美: [ˈaɪvəri]
  • 英: [ˈaɪvəri]
  • n.象牙;象牙色;(河马,独角鱼的)牙齿;象牙雕制品
  • adj.象牙制的;乳白色的

. Today there are only about 3,000 elephants (over 100,000 before). We must save the trees and not buy things made of ivoiy Remember that March 13th is Thai Elephant Day.




Word Bank

Word Bank


  • 美: [ˈaɪvəri]
  • 英: [ˈaɪvəri]
  • n.象牙;象牙色;(河马,独角鱼的)牙齿;象牙雕制品
  • adj.象牙制的;乳白色的