Section A


Don’t run in the hallways.
Sorry, Ms. Clark.

1. Don’t arrive late for class. You must be on time.
2. Don’t run in the hallways.
3. Don’t eat in the classroom. You must eat in the dining hall.
4. Don’t listen to music in class.
5. Don’t fight.


Can you listen to music, Cindy?
We can’t listen to music in the hallways, but we can listen to it outsides.



John: Hi, my name’s John. It’s my first day at school.
Alice: Hi, John. I’m Alice. This is a great school, but there are a lot of rules.
John: Really? What are some of the rules?
Alice: Well, don’t be late for class. This is very important.
John: OK; so we must be on time. Can we bring music players to school?
Alice: No, we can’t. And we always have to wear the school uniform.
John: I see.
Alice: Oh, and we also have to be quiet in the library.

Section B


Dear Dr. Know,
There are too many rules! At 6:00 a.m., my mom says, “Get up now and make your bed!” After breakfast; my mom always says, “Don’t leave the dirty dishes in the kitchen !w After that, 1 run to school because I cant be late. At school, we have more rules 一 don’t be noisy, don’t eat in class;…
My dad says I can’t play basketball after school because I must do my homework. I can play only on weekends. After dinner, I can’t relax either. I must read a book before I can watch TV But I have to go to bed before 10:00.
Rules, rules, rules! Its terrible! What can I do, Dr. Know?
Molly Brown, New York

Dear Molly,
I know how you feel. People always tell us, “Don’t do this!” or “You cant do that!” But think about it, Molly; There are a lot of things you can do. You can play basketball on weekends. You can watch TV after you read a book.
Parents and schools are sometimes strict, but remember} they make rules to help us. We have to follow them.
Good luck!
Dr. Know