Grade 7 Unit 4 Topic 3 Section B

(At Kangkang s home)
Kangkang: What time is it now?
Michael: It’s 9 o’clock.
Jane and Maria: It’s time to go to the zoo.
Kangkang: OK. Let’s go.

{At the zoo)
Kangkang: Michael:
Look at those monkeys. They’re so clever. I like them very much.
I like pandas. They are cute. What are your favorite animals, Jane?
Jane: Elephants. They’re so kind and they have long noses. What about you, Maria?
Maria: Tigers. They’re very strong.
(One hour later)
Jane: Oh, what’s the time now?
Maria: Mm, it’s half past eleven.
Kangkang: Ifs time to go home.
Michael: Yes. We have to go now.
AU: Goodbye, animal friends!

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