Grade 9 Unit 2 Topic 1 Section C

In today’s world, almost everyone knows air pollution is harmful to people’s health. However, not all people know noise is also a kind of pollution and is harmful to humans’ health.
People who work and live in noisy conditions often go deaf. For example, many of the workers who print newspapers and books lose their hearing. Quite a few people living near airports also have hearing loss. Recently, it was reported that many teenagers in America can hear no better than 65-year-old people do, because these young people always listen to loud pop music.
Making a loud noise in public is also a kind of pollution. It not only disturbs others but also does great harm to people’s hearing. Cars and machines also produce too much noise. Such pollution makes people feel uncomfortable and unpleasant, and it can even cause them to become sick or deaf. Nowadays, many countries are trying to solve all sorts of environmental problems, including noise pollution.

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