Grade 9 Unit 2 Topic 1 Section B

(Mrs. Zhou is coughing. She looks weak.)
Kangkang: Good morning, Mrs. Zhou. What’s wrong with you?
Mrs. Zhou: Oh, Kangkang. It’s difficult for me to breathe. I’ve got a pain in my throat.
Kangkang: How long have you been like this?
Mrs. Zhou: I’ve been like this since last week.
Kangkang: Have you seen a doctor?
Mrs. Zhou: Not yet. The chemical factory produces terrible gas. The bad air makes my chest hurt. What’s worse, the factory makes too much noise and I can’t sleep well at night.
Kangkang: That’s too bad.
Mrs. Zhou: Yes, it is really awful. I’m always in a bad mood because I can’t bear the environment here. Anyway, I hope the government will solve this problem soon. By the way, have you noticed the dead fish in the river?
Kangkang: Oh, yes. Pollution has caused too many problems. I think I should write to the newspaper about these problems. But now you’d better go to see a doctor.

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