Grade 8 Unit 2 Topic 3 Section A

(Kangkangs father, Dr. Li, is talking with a journalist [1]journalist: US: [ˈdʒɜrn(ə)lɪst] UK: [ˈdʒɜː(r)nəlɪst]  n. 新闻记者;新闻工作者 on TV.)

Journalist: May I ask you some questions [2]question: US: [ˈkwestʃ(ə)n]  UK: [‘kwestʃ(ə)n]  n. 问题;疑问;怀疑;议题   v. 问;怀疑;质询;正式提问, Dr. Li?

Dr. Li: Sure, go ahead [3]ahead: US: [əˈhed]  UK: [ə’hed]  adv. 提前;前面;领先;未来[4]go ahead: 取得进展;继续;前进;干吧.

Journalist: These days many people have the flu. So what should we do to prevent [5]prevent: US: [prɪˈvent]  UK: [prɪ’vent]  v. 阻止;阻碍;阻挠 it?

Dr. Li: Well, first, we should exercise often to build us up [6]build sb. up: 强壮某人的体魄;使…身体强壮;增强体制 build up:逐步建立;增进;积累. Second, we should keep our rooms clean and the air fresh all the time [7]all the time: 始终;〔美国〕老是. Third, we should wash our hands and change our clothes often. Finally [8]finally: US: [ˈfaɪn(ə)li]  UK: [‘faɪn(ə)li]   adv. 终于;最终;(用于列举)最后;彻底地, we should keep away from crowded [9]crowded: US: [ˈkraʊdəd]   UK: [ˈkraʊdɪd]   adj. 人(太)多的;拥挤的;充满的;挤满的 places.

Journalist: Must we go to see a doctor at once [10]at once: 马上,立刻 when we have the flu [11]have the flu: 得了流感,患流感 ?

Dr. Li: Yes, we must.

Journalist: We’ll take your advice [12]take one’s advice: = follow one’s advice 听从某人劝告;采纳……的建议;接受……的忠告. Thank you.[13]

Word Bank

Word Bank
1 journalist: US: [ˈdʒɜrn(ə)lɪst] UK: [ˈdʒɜː(r)nəlɪst]  n. 新闻记者;新闻工作者
2 question: US: [ˈkwestʃ(ə)n]  UK: [‘kwestʃ(ə)n]  n. 问题;疑问;怀疑;议题   v. 问;怀疑;质询;正式提问
3 ahead: US: [əˈhed]  UK: [ə’hed]  adv. 提前;前面;领先;未来
4 go ahead: 取得进展;继续;前进;干吧
5 prevent: US: [prɪˈvent]  UK: [prɪ’vent]  v. 阻止;阻碍;阻挠
6 build sb. up: 强壮某人的体魄;使…身体强壮;增强体制 build up:逐步建立;增进;积累
7 all the time: 始终;〔美国〕老是
8 finally: US: [ˈfaɪn(ə)li]  UK: [‘faɪn(ə)li]   adv. 终于;最终;(用于列举)最后;彻底地
9 crowded: US: [ˈkraʊdəd]   UK: [ˈkraʊdɪd]   adj. 人(太)多的;拥挤的;充满的;挤满的
10 at once: 马上,立刻
11 have the flu: 得了流感,患流感
12 take one’s advice: = follow one’s advice 听从某人劝告;采纳……的建议;接受……的忠告
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