Grade 8 Unit 3 Topic 1 Section B

Michael: Hi, Maria! What are you carrying?
Maria: It’s my stamp collection. Would you like to see it?
Michael: Wow! What beautiful stamps! Are they all from China?
Maria: Not all. I collected some of them from Cuba. But now I also have a lot of beautiful stamps from China.
Michael: It must be great fun.
Maria: It certainly is. We can learn a lot about history and people from stamps. What hobbies did you use to have?
Michael: I used to collect baseball cards. But now I’m interested in basketball.
(Here comes Kangkang.)
Kangkang: Hi, Maria! Hi, Michael! What are you looking at?
Michael: Hi, Kangkang! We are looking at Maria’s stamp collection. Where are you going?
Kangkang: I’m going swimming. It’s my favorite hobby.


A: I used to enjoy pop music, but now I don’t like it. I love playing sports.
B: I didn’t use to go shopping, but now I like it.

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