Grade 9 Unit 6 Topic 1 Section A

Michael: Kangkang, I hear that you can play Chinese chess very well. Could you teach me how to play it?

Kangkang: No problem.

Maria: It is hard for me to learn to play Chinese chess. In my spare time [1]in one’s spare/free time: 在某人空闲的时候, I prefer watching TV [2]prefer (doing) sth. : 更喜欢(做)某事/物 , especially TV plays. I think the actresses [3]actress: [ˈæktris]  n. 女演员;女表演者 are attractive.

Jane: I want to be a famous singer like the singing stars I see on TV. They are so charming [4]charming: 美: [ˈtʃɑrmɪŋ]  英: [ˈtʃɑː(r)mɪŋ]  adj. 迷人的;楚楚动人的;英俊的;潇洒的.

Michael: I would rather watch sports shows than those ones [5]would rather do A than (do) B: 宁愿做A也不做B.

Kangkang: So would I [6]So would I: 我也一样  “so + 助动/be + 主语” 表示“某人也一样”. I like watching soccer games best


Word Bank

Word Bank
1 in one’s spare/free time: 在某人空闲的时候
2 prefer (doing) sth. : 更喜欢(做)某事/物
3 actress: [ˈæktris]  n. 女演员;女表演者
4 charming: 美: [ˈtʃɑrmɪŋ]  英: [ˈtʃɑː(r)mɪŋ]  adj. 迷人的;楚楚动人的;英俊的;潇洒的
5 would rather do A than (do) B: 宁愿做A也不做B
6 So would I: 我也一样  “so + 助动/be + 主语” 表示“某人也一样”
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