Grade 9 Unit 6 Topic 1 Section A

Michael: Kangkang, I hear that you can play Chinese chess very well. Could you teach me how to
play it?
Kangkang: No problem.
Maria: It is hard for me to learn to play Chinese chess. In my spare time, I prefer watching TV, especially TV plays. I think the actresses are attractive.
Jane: I want to be a famous singer like the singing stars I see on TV. They are so charming.
Michael: I would rather watch sports shows than those ones.
Kangkang: So would 1.1 like watching soccer games best


A: Do you watch. TV programs in your spare time?
B: Sure.
A: Which kind of program do you prefer, TVplays or sports shows!
B: I would rather watch TVplays than sports shows.
A: So would I./1 prefer sports shows.


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