Long long ago, there was a boy who grazed sheep on a hill every day. One day, the boy felt a little lonely and wanted to make fun of the farmers working at the foot of die hill. So he climbed up a big stone and shouted. “Wolves are coming! Wolves are coming!” In a minute, the farmers came only to find there were no wolves at all. Seeing the farmers were taken in, the boy laughed and said, “I’m just joking.” Then the fanners shook their heads and left. A few days later, the farmers heard the boy shout again.
So they ran up the hill and found that they were cheated again. Another day, several wolves really came. The boy was frightened and cried out, “Help! Wolves have come!” But this time, no one came.


The West Lake
Have you ever heard of the romantic tale about Xu Xian and the White Snake? Do you know where it happened? It is said that the story happened at the West Lake. The West Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in China. It lies in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province and attracts lots of tourists from home and abroad every year.
The West Lake is surrounded on three sides by mountains. Many tourist attractions there are well worth visiting, such as Sudi Causeway, the Broken Bridge and Leifeng Pagoda. The scenery is so attractive that visitors often lose themselves in it.
The West Lake has become famous not only because of its special scenery but also because of some beautiful poems that were written mainly by Bai Juyi and Su Dongpo. Besides, the area that surrounds the West Lake is the home of the famous Longjing tea.
Have you ever been to the West Lake? If not, you must find a chance to go there!


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