Grade 9 Unit 5 Topic 3 Section D

The Egyptian pyramids were built around 2 560 B.C. The largest one of them is the Great Pyramid of Khufu. It is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The King, Khufu, built the Great Pyramid as his tomb. Studies show that it took 100 000 people over 20 years to complete it The Great Pyramid was considered a unique building in the 19th century A.D.
At that time, it was still the tallest building in the world.
According to scientific research, the ancient King, Khufu, ordered his men to build the Great Pyramid stone by stone. The biggest stone weighs as much as 15 tons. Each stone was fixed so well, though the ancient workers didn’t have any modem tools. The Great Pyramid has four sides and each side is 230.4 meters long and 146.5 meters high. At that time, there were no modem machines or equipment, so how did the ancient Egyptians build the Great Pyramid? To this day, it is still a mystery. But many scientists continue to study their methods. The completion of the Great Pyramid shows the wisdom and the achievements of ancient Egyptian working people.

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