Grade 9 Unit 6 Topic 3 Section B

Hello, everyone! I feel so excited and so happy. We have had three fantastic years in Beijing International School. We have studied and lived together like a happy family. We’ve had a lot of fun together, too. I’ve learned a lot from you all, my dear teachers and friends. As is known to all [1]As is known to all: 众所周知, “Everything comes to him who waits.[2]功夫不负有心人” So, if I want to succeed, I must study hard. We’ll say goodbye to each other soon. I’ll never forget you. I hope our friendship will last forever. I’m sure it will be more and more valuable as time goes by [3]as time goes by: 随着时间的推移. So from the bottom [4]bottom: 美: [ˈbɑtəm]  英: [ˈbɒtəm]  n. 底部;水底;底面;臀部 of my heart, I thank you all and wish you success [5]wish you success: 祝你成功;祝你们成功 in the future [6]in the future: 将来,未来,今后.

Good morning, my dear teachers and friends! I have many unforgettable [7]unforgettable: 美: [ˌʌnfərˈɡetəb(ə)l]  英: [ˌʌnfə(r)ˈɡetəb(ə)l]  adj. 难以忘怀的;令人难忘的 memories of the past three years. I got along well with [8]get along well with: 与某人相处的很好;与……相处融洽 my classmates. We helped and learned from each other. To my greatjoy[9]joy: 美: [dʒɒɪ]  英: [dʒɔɪ]  n. 快乐;乐事 [10]to one’s joy/surprise: 令某人高兴/吃惊的是 , I won the Excellent Student Award in my class. Thanks to [11]thanks to: 感谢;幸亏;多亏 my teachers and my parents, I’ve made so much progress[12]make progress: 取得进步;取得进展. You know, “There is noroyal [13]royal: 美: [ˈrɔɪəl]  英: [‘rɔɪəl]  adj. 国王的;女王的;皇家的;王室的 road to learning. [14]学习没有捷径” So, I will keep on working [15]keep on doing sth.: 不停地做某事 hard to realize my dream. I love our teachers, our friends and our school very much. I will miss you all. Thanks a lot.

Word Bank

Word Bank
1 As is known to all: 众所周知
2 功夫不负有心人
3 as time goes by: 随着时间的推移
4 bottom: 美: [ˈbɑtəm]  英: [ˈbɒtəm]  n. 底部;水底;底面;臀部
5 wish you success: 祝你成功;祝你们成功
6 in the future: 将来,未来,今后
7 unforgettable: 美: [ˌʌnfərˈɡetəb(ə)l]  英: [ˌʌnfə(r)ˈɡetəb(ə)l]  adj. 难以忘怀的;令人难忘的
8 get along well with: 与某人相处的很好;与……相处融洽
9 joy: 美: [dʒɒɪ]  英: [dʒɔɪ]  n. 快乐;乐事
10 to one’s joy/surprise: 令某人高兴/吃惊的是
11 thanks to: 感谢;幸亏;多亏
12 make progress: 取得进步;取得进展
13 royal: 美: [ˈrɔɪəl]  英: [‘rɔɪəl]  adj. 国王的;女王的;皇家的;王室的
14 学习没有捷径
15 keep on doing sth.: 不停地做某事
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