Grade 7 Unit 5 Topic 2 Secion B


(Li Ming and Kangkang are in the school library.}
Li Ming: Excuse me, may I borrow some English workbooks?
Girl: Of course. Many students are using them.
(The girl looks for the books on the shelves.)
Girl: Here you are.
Li Ming: Great! How long can I keep them?
Girl: Two weeks. You must return them on time.
Li Ming: Sure, I will. Thank you.
Girl: You’re welcome.

Kangkang: Excuse me, do you have any English newspapers?
Girl: Sorry, we don’t have any.
Kangkang: Thank you all the same. Bye!
Girl: Bye!


(Michael and a girl are talking at the Lost and Found.)
Girl: Michael:

Girl:  Can I help you?
Michael: I’m looking for my ( money, bag, wallet).
Girl:  Well, what color is it?
Michael: It’s ( purple, blue, black).
Girl:  What’s in it?
Michael: My_____ and ______ ( ID card , family photo, some money, student card).
Girl: Oh. Here is a wallet, but it isn’t yours.
Michael: Thank you all the same.


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