Grade 8 Unit 6 Topic 3 Section D

The Tour of Qinghai Lake

Qinghai Lake, the largest salt-water lake in China, lends its name to the province of Qinghai. Twenty-three rivers and streams [1]stream: US: [strim]   UK: [striːm]  n. 流;溪;小河;(液)流 empty [2]empty: US: [ˈempti]  UK: [’empti]  adj. 空的;空洞的;说话不算数的;无诚意的  v. 倒空;腾空;掏空;变空 into Qinghai Lake.

If you go there, maybe you can see the Tour of Qinghai Lake. It began in 2002. Now it is the largest bicycle road race in Asia [3]Asia: 英 [ˈeɪʒə]美 [ˈeɪʒə]   n. 亚洲. It has the highest altitude [4]altitude: US: [ˈæltɪˌtud]  UK: [ˈæltɪˌtjuːd]  n. 海拔;海拔高度 among [5]among: US: [əˈmʌŋ]   UK: [ə’mʌŋ]  prep. 在…中;周围是;在(其)中;…之一 all the races hosted by the International Cycling Union.


Tour de France [6]France: US: [fræns]  UK: [frɑːns]   n. 法国;法兰西;【国】法国;位于西欧

The Tour de France is the most famous bicycle race in the world. It began in Paris, France, in 1903 and was 1500 miles [7]mile: US: [maɪl]  UK: [maɪl]  n. 英里;很远的距离;一英里赛跑 long. Today the race covers around 2 000 miles. There are 21 timed stages [8]stage: US: [steɪdʒ]  UK: [steɪdʒ]  n. 阶段;步;步骤;戏剧 over three weeks. The athletes have one or two days to rest They go through the Alps, the Massif Central [9]central: US: [ˈsentrəl]  UK: [‘sentrəl]   adj. 中心的,中央的;中部的;靠近中心的;核心的 and the Pyrenees Mountains. The roads are very difficult to ride on. The winner [10]winner: US: [ˈwɪnər]   UK: [ˈwɪnə(r)]   n. 优胜者;成功者;获胜的人(或队、动物等);可能成功的人(或事物) is the person with the best total time. He can do that without winning even one of the stages.

Word Bank

Word Bank
1 stream: US: [strim]   UK: [striːm]  n. 流;溪;小河;(液)流
2 empty: US: [ˈempti]  UK: [’empti]  adj. 空的;空洞的;说话不算数的;无诚意的  v. 倒空;腾空;掏空;变空
3 Asia: 英 [ˈeɪʒə]美 [ˈeɪʒə]   n. 亚洲
4 altitude: US: [ˈæltɪˌtud]  UK: [ˈæltɪˌtjuːd]  n. 海拔;海拔高度
5 among: US: [əˈmʌŋ]   UK: [ə’mʌŋ]  prep. 在…中;周围是;在(其)中;…之一
6 France: US: [fræns]  UK: [frɑːns]   n. 法国;法兰西;【国】法国;位于西欧
7 mile: US: [maɪl]  UK: [maɪl]  n. 英里;很远的距离;一英里赛跑
8 stage: US: [steɪdʒ]  UK: [steɪdʒ]  n. 阶段;步;步骤;戏剧
9 central: US: [ˈsentrəl]  UK: [‘sentrəl]   adj. 中心的,中央的;中部的;靠近中心的;核心的
10 winner: US: [ˈwɪnər]   UK: [ˈwɪnə(r)]   n. 优胜者;成功者;获胜的人(或队、动物等);可能成功的人(或事物)
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