Grade 9 Unit 1 Topic 1 Section A

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(After a long holiday, Kangkang is happy to see his friends.)
Kangkang: Hi, Jane! Did you have a good summer holiday?
Jane: Yes. What about you?
Kangkang: Not bad. Rita, you have just come back from your hometown. How was your trip?
Rita: Great! I went to many places near my home in India. Great changes have taken place there and my hometown has become more and more beautiful. Where have you been, Jane?
Jane: I have been to Mount Huang with my parents. It’s a beautiful place.
But there were so many people that I couldn’t find a good place to take photos. And where have you been, Kangkang?
Kangkang: I have been to an English summer school to improve my English. By the way, where’s Maria?
Rita: She has gone to Cuba to be a volunteer and she will be back tomorrow. Listen! There goes the bell.

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