Grade 9 Unit 2 Topic 2 Section A

{Kangkang, Maria and Jane ate talking in a room. The wind outside is blowing strongly.)
Kangkang: What bad weather! The wind is so strong! And the sand really hurt my face. While I was walking down the street just now, I couldn’t see anything.
Maria: I’m sorry to hear that. What causes these sandstorms?
Jane: People have cut down too many trees. As a result, a lot of rich land has changed into desert.
Maria: That’s bad. How can that affect the weather?
Jane: Trees can stop the wind from blowing the earth away.
Kangkang: And a lot of water can be saved by forests.
Jane: They can also stop the water from washing the earth away.
Kangkang: Cutting down trees is harmful to human beings, animals and plants. Although we have built “The Green Great Wall”, we still need to do something to protect the environment.

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