Grade 8 Unit 2 Topic 3 Section B

Miss Hu: Hello! People’s Hospital.
Kangkang: Hello! Could I speak to Dr. Li Yuping?
Miss Hu: I’m afraid he is busy right now.
Kangkang: OK, I’ll ring him up later.
(Half an hour later.)
Kangkang: Hello, I’d like to speak to Dr. Li Yuping.
Miss Hu: Sorry, he is busy now.
Kangkang: Oh, can I leave a message?
Miss Hu: Sure, go ahead.
Kangkang: This is Kangkang speaking. Please tell my father not to forget the talk tomorrow afternoon.
Miss Hu: OK, Kangkang. I’ll give him the message myself.
Kangkang: Thanks. Goodbye!
Miss Hu: Bye!


From: Betty        To: Judy              Date: Oct. 10th Time: 10:00 a. m.
Message: Kangkang’s father will give a talk at 3:00 p. m. today. Be on time and don’t forget to take your camera.


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