Grade 8 Unit 3 Topic 3 Section D

A Short History of the Weekend
Before 1800, many people spent one day a week at church. In England, people called it a “holy day”. On that day, they rested and prayed.
In the early 1800s, Sunday was the “holy day”. However, many workers played games and had fun on that day. And then they felt too tired to work. on Monday mornings. In the USA, workers called them “blue Mondays”.
To solve the problem of “blue Mondays”, the English made Sunday afternoon a holiday in 1874. At one o’clock, everyone stopped working. This was the beginning of the idea of the weekend in England. By 1930, most American offices were closed on Saturday afternoons. By 1940, offices and factories in the USA were closed all day on Saturdays, and the two-day weekend began.

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