Grade 8 Unit 4 Topic 1 Section C

Rainforests are thick forests in the hot parts of the world. It rains a lot and the ground is always wet. It’s always dark and hot in rainforests. Rainforests cover 6% of the earth’s surface. They provide places to live for thousands of plants and animals found nowhere else on Earth. There are lots of tall trees and other different kinds of plants. Thousands and thousands of animals live in rainforests. Many of them live in the trees over 30 meters from the ground.
Rainforests are very important to us. They are the lungs of the earth. The plants in the forests help to make the air fresher and cleaner. They also help to hold the water when it rains and keep the water cycling. They play an important part in controlling the climate. Rainforests also help to keep the beauty of nature. Without rainforests, many beautiful plants and animals would die out. Rainforests give us wood, food, fruit, medicine, and many more useful things. We need rainforests for many reasons.
But now, rainforests are becoming smaller and smaller, so we should protect them.

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