Grade 8 Unit 6 Topic 2 Section C

After they rode their bicycles [1]bicycle: US: [ˈbaɪsɪk(ə)l]  UK: [‘baɪsɪk(ə)l]  n. 自行车;脚踏车  v. 骑自行车 for one and a half hours, Kangkang, Michael and Darren arrived at a parking lot near Tian’anmen Square. The parking lot was full of [2]be full of: 充满…(的) tour [3]tour: US: [tʊr]  UK: [tʊə(r)]  n. 旅游;旅行;参观;游览   v. 在…旅游;在…巡回演出(或做宣传广告等) buses, cars and bicycles, so they had to [4]have to: 不得不,必须 look for [5]look for: 寻找 space [6]space: US: [speɪs]  UK: [speɪs]  n. 空间;太空;空格;空白 to park their bicycles.

After parking their bicycles, they walked to Tian’anmen Square. Darren and Michael were surprised at [7]be surprised at: 对……感到惊奇;对……感到惊讶 Tian’anmen Square. They took out a camera and took many pictures. As they were exploring happily, more and more people came to the square. While the crowd [8]crowd: US: [kraʊd]  UK: [kraʊd]   n. 人群;群众;观众;民众  v. 挤;挤满;塞满;使…拥挤 was pushing Darren in all directions [9]direction: US: [daɪˈrekʃ(ə)n]  UK: [daɪ’rekʃ(ə)n]  n. 方向;指导;趋势;方位[10]in all directions: 向四面八方;各方面;朝四面八方, someone stepped [11]step: US: [step]  UK: [step]  n. 步;步骤;台阶;步伐  v. 踩;踏;行走;迈步 on his feet “Ouch! Don’t push!” he shouted.

When Darren finally pushed his way out, he couldn’t find his friends. He was too worried to [12]too … to …: 太…而不能… think about [13]think about: 思考;探讨;为…费心思;想像 what to do. His heart was beating fast. Slowly [14]slowly: US: [ˈsloʊli]  UK: [ˈsləʊli]  adv. 缓慢地;迟缓地;慢条斯理地 he walked to the near side of the square and sat on a step beside [15]beside: US: [bɪˈsaɪd]   UK: [bɪ’saɪd]   prep. 在旁边(或附近);与…相比 a tree sadly [16]sadly: US: [ˈsædli]  UK: [‘sædli]  adv. 不幸;悲伤地;悲哀地;可惜
Web 难过地;丧气地;伤心地
. He didn’t raise his head until [17]not … until: 直到…才… someone called him. It was Kangkang. “Oh, Darren!
There you are! It’s great to find you!” As soon as [18]as soon as: 一…就… the three boys saw each other, they all jumped around happily.


Dear Darren,

How are you? I’d like to tell you about my travel experiences [19]experience: US: [ɪkˈspɪriəns]   UK: [ɪkˈspɪəriəns]  v. 体会;体验;经历;感受  n. 体验;经历;实践;阅历.

Last month, I went to Jiuzhaigou for my vacation with my parents.

Jiuzhaigou is in Sichuan, in the southwest part of China. It’s famous for its beautiful mountains, forests and lakes. Many people go there to enjoy their vacation every year. My father booked the room before we arrived. We had a two-day trip and took a lot of photos. We saw pandas and monkeys. They were very cute and we couldn’t help watching [20]can’t help doing sth.: 情不自禁,忍不住做某事 them.
We had an exciting trip! I felt tired but happy. Please e-mail me soon and tell me about your vacation.



Word Bank

Word Bank
1 bicycle: US: [ˈbaɪsɪk(ə)l]  UK: [‘baɪsɪk(ə)l]  n. 自行车;脚踏车  v. 骑自行车
2 be full of: 充满…(的
3 tour: US: [tʊr]  UK: [tʊə(r)]  n. 旅游;旅行;参观;游览   v. 在…旅游;在…巡回演出(或做宣传广告等)
4 have to: 不得不,必须
5 look for: 寻找
6 space: US: [speɪs]  UK: [speɪs]  n. 空间;太空;空格;空白
7 be surprised at: 对……感到惊奇;对……感到惊讶
8 crowd: US: [kraʊd]  UK: [kraʊd]   n. 人群;群众;观众;民众  v. 挤;挤满;塞满;使…拥挤
9 direction: US: [daɪˈrekʃ(ə)n]  UK: [daɪ’rekʃ(ə)n]  n. 方向;指导;趋势;方位
10 in all directions: 向四面八方;各方面;朝四面八方
11 step: US: [step]  UK: [step]  n. 步;步骤;台阶;步伐  v. 踩;踏;行走;迈步
12 too … to …: 太…而不能…
13 think about: 思考;探讨;为…费心思;想像
14 slowly: US: [ˈsloʊli]  UK: [ˈsləʊli]  adv. 缓慢地;迟缓地;慢条斯理地
15 beside: US: [bɪˈsaɪd]   UK: [bɪ’saɪd]   prep. 在旁边(或附近);与…相比
16 sadly: US: [ˈsædli]  UK: [‘sædli]  adv. 不幸;悲伤地;悲哀地;可惜
Web 难过地;丧气地;伤心地
17 not … until: 直到…才…
18 as soon as: 一…就…
19 experience: US: [ɪkˈspɪriəns]   UK: [ɪkˈspɪəriəns]  v. 体会;体验;经历;感受  n. 体验;经历;实践;阅历
20 can’t help doing sth.: 情不自禁,忍不住做某事
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