Grade 8 Unit 3 Topic 2 Section D

There are all kinds of music in the world. Music makes people happy. Good music brings people comfort and peace of mind. Everyone loves music but different people have different tastes.
Kangkang likes piano music very much. When he was eight, his father asked a music teacher to teach him to play the piano. It is great fun for him. Li Xiang likes listening to jazz. He thinks the American jazz music sounds wonderful. But Tom hates jazz. He thinks it is too noisy. Violin music is his favorite. He says classical music played on the violin makes him happy. Wang Junfeng plays the drums very well. He thinks drum playing is very exciting. Wang Junfeng says that every culture has its own special kind of drumming. He likes to listen to South American drumming best.
All of these children are music fans. Different kinds of music make them happy.

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