Grade 8 Unit 6 Topic 1 Section A

Miss Wang: Boys and girls, I have some exciting news to tell you. For our spring field trip, we’re going on a three-day visit to Mount Tai.
Maria: Wow, how wonderful! How shall we get there?
Michael: Shall we cycle there?
Kangkang: Sounds exciting! But it will take us a few days to get there by bike.
Miss Wang: Let’s make 1he decision together. It’s too far to cycle, but we can choose proper vehicles.
Jane: Yes. Let’s decide.
Michael: Let’s find out some information about the cost Miss Wang: OK Kangkang and Michael, you two find the cost for the train. Helen, you need to find the cost for the bus.
Jane: I’d love to go by plane. I’ll ask the airline over the phone.
Miss Wang: O K Bring your information tomorrow and we’ll decide on the best way to travel on our field trip.

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