Grade 8 Unit 7 Topic 1 Section C

Dear Kangkang,

Thank you for inviting me to your food festival. I regret [1]regret: 美: [rɪˈɡret]  英: [rɪ’ɡret]   n. 遗憾;懊悔;痛惜;失望  v. 懊悔;感到遗憾;惋惜;有礼貌地或正式地表示抱歉、痛惜或悲伤 that I cannot come.

Let me tell you something about myself, Free the Children and my new school. I was born in Canada on December 17th, 1982 and spent my childhood there. I often take part in [2]take part in: 参与;参加活动 sports. My favorite food is fried chicken. I like to help people.

In 1995, when I was twelve, I read an article about a twelve-year-old Pakistani boy, Iqbal, in the newspaper. It changed my life. He started working in a factory when he was only four. He knew children should go to school instead of [3]instead of: working in factories all day. He decided to fight against the bosses. As a result [4]as a result: 结果, a bad man killed him. I was so angry that I decided to help them. I gathered [5]gather: 美: [ˈɡæðər]  英: [ˈɡæðə(r)]  v. 聚集;集合;搜集;积聚 my friends and started a group [6]group: 美: [ɡrup]  英: [ɡruːp]  n. 组;集团;群;类, the Twelve Twelve-Year-Olds. Soon many children joined us and the group became Free the Children. We raised money to help child workers go to school. “Children Helping Children” is our motto, I believe one person can make a change [7]make a change: 进行改变;奋斗一回;做出改变. Now Free the Children has 100 000 members [8]member: 美: [ˈmembər]  英: [ˈmembə(r)]  n. 成员;会员in 35 countries who are helping children. In Kenya there are poorly-built schools with no roofs [9]roof: 美: [ruf]  英: [ruːf]  n. 屋顶;车顶;顶部 or walls, so Free the Children is building new schools there to help them.



Word Bank

Word Bank
1 regret: 美: [rɪˈɡret]  英: [rɪ’ɡret]   n. 遗憾;懊悔;痛惜;失望  v. 懊悔;感到遗憾;惋惜;有礼貌地或正式地表示抱歉、痛惜或悲伤
2 take part in: 参与;参加活动
3 instead of:
4 as a result: 结果
5 gather: 美: [ˈɡæðər]  英: [ˈɡæðə(r)]  v. 聚集;集合;搜集;积聚
6 group: 美: [ɡrup]  英: [ɡruːp]  n. 组;集团;群;类
7 make a change: 进行改变;奋斗一回;做出改变
8 member: 美: [ˈmembər]  英: [ˈmembə(r)]  n. 成员;会员
9 roof: 美: [ruf]  英: [ruːf]  n. 屋顶;车顶;顶部
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