Grade 8 Unit 7 Topic 2 Section A

Kangkang: Mom, I’d like to make fried rice for our food festival. But I’m not sure whether I can cook it
Mother. I’m glad that you are trying to help others. I’m proud of you! Would you like me to help you?
Kangkang: Yes, please. It’s very kind of you.
Mother: Look. It’s easy, Kangkang. But you must cook very carefully. First, cut some cooked meat very finely.
Kangkang: Like this?
Mother: Yes. Well done! Next, you need to put some oil in the pan. Then fry the meat lightly.
Kangkang: What do I need to do after that?
Mother: You need to add the rice slowly. Fry it for a few minutes. Finally, add
some salt.
Kangkang: Yeah! Cooking is fun!

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