Grade 8 Unit 5 Topic 3 Section B

Kangkang: I am happy that Michael gave a good speech. He did it so well.
Jane: Yes, but he still seems very upset. I am afraid he is going to be sick.
Kangkang: That’s true. Feelings can affect out health. If we are not confident about ourselves, we may feel upset or nervous. When we are in a bad mood all the time, we could become sick.
Maria: Let’s do something for Michael!
What about telling him that he is brave and great?
Kangkang: Let’s show him that we are proud of him. He was afraid to give his speech, but he did it anyway.
Jane: That’s a good idea. We will show him that friends help each other.
Maria: Let’s give Michael a surprise! We can put on a short play, just as we do at the English Comer. It can show how friendship helps keep us healthy.
Jane: Sounds great! Let’s get ready for it!

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