Grade 8 Unit 7 Topic 3 Section D

Healthy eating is important for us. What and how should we eat to be healthy?
First, we need to have enough food, never too much or too little. The food must be clean and we should cook it in a right way.
Second, it’s very important for us to have different kinds of foods. Bread, meat, fish, eggs, milk, fruit and vegetables are all necessary parts of a good diet Bread gives us energy. Meat, fish, eggs and milk help our bones grow. Fruit and vegetables make us more healthy.
Third, we should eat regularly. It’s said that half of the students don’t have breakfast regularly or don’t eat anything at all in the morning. It is bad for their health. In fact, a good breakfast keeps us strong.
In short, we should not only eat enough good, healthy food but also eat regularly.

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