Grade 8 Unit 5 Topic 1 Section C

The Sound of Music is one of the most popular American movies. It is a story about a young woman living in Austria. Her name was Maria. She went to the Von Trapp family to care for seven children.
M rs. Von Trapp died, and the family were very sad. The children cried and shouted every day. The father was lonely and often became angry because of the noisy children.
Maria taught the children to sing lively songs and perform short, funny plays to cheer them up. The father was almost mad at first, but the smiling faces of his children made him happy again.

Do Re Mi
Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start.
When you read, you begin with ABC.
When you sing, you begin with Do, Re, Mi,
Do, Re, Mi, Do, Re, Mi.
The first three notes just happen to be Do, Re, Mi, Do Re Mi.
Do, Re, Mi Fa So La Ti.
Doe, a deer, a female deer.
Ray, a drop of golden sun.
Me, a name I call myself.
Far, a long long way to run.
Sew, a needle-pulling thread.
La, a note to follow sew.
Tea, a drink with jam and bread.
That will bring us back to Do-oh-oh.
Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do, So, Do!

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