Grade 8 Unit 6 Topic 1 Section C

King or Queen for a Day

It is very common [1]common: US: [ˈkɑmən]  UK: [ˈkɒmən]  adj. 常见的;通常的;普遍的;共有的 to raise [2]raise: US: [reɪz]  UK: [reɪz]  v. 提升;增加;培养;举起;筹集 money in Canadian [3]Canadian: US: [kəˈneɪdiən]  UK: [kə’neɪdiən]  adj. 加拿大的    n. 加拿大人 and American schools. Students, teachers and parents have many special ways to raise money for field trips. Some schools think of [4]think of: 记起,想起;考虑;想像;关心 great ideas, such asKing [5]king: US: [kɪŋ]  UK: [kɪŋ]  n. 国王;大王;君主 or Queen [6]queen: US: [kwin] UK: [kwiːn] n. 女王;王后;女酋长;女首领 for a Day”. It costs each student one dollar [7]dollar: US: [ˈdɑlər]  UK: [ˈdɒlə(r)]  n. 元(美国、加拿大、澳大利亚等国的货币单位)[8]cost sb. some money: 花费某人多少钱to buy a ticket for the draw. After all the tickets are sold [9]be sold: 被卖掉 这里是被动语态(表示“被…”), one ticket is drawn [10]drawn: draw的过去分词 这里是“抽(签)”的意思  “be+过去分词”表被动(表示“被…”). The student with the winning ticket will be the king or queen for the next school day. When the student arrives in the morning, the headmaster greets him or her and carries the student’s books. The student sits in the headmaster’s chair for the day and even can use the headmaster’s mobile phone to call home [11]use A to do sth. 用A做某事. At noon, the headmaster and other teachers order a special lunch and serve it to the student.

Word Bank

Word Bank
1 common: US: [ˈkɑmən]  UK: [ˈkɒmən]  adj. 常见的;通常的;普遍的;共有的
2 raise: US: [reɪz]  UK: [reɪz]  v. 提升;增加;培养;举起;筹集
3 Canadian: US: [kəˈneɪdiən]  UK: [kə’neɪdiən]  adj. 加拿大的    n. 加拿大人
4 think of: 记起,想起;考虑;想像;关心
5 king: US: [kɪŋ]  UK: [kɪŋ]  n. 国王;大王;君主
6 queen: US: [kwin] UK: [kwiːn] n. 女王;王后;女酋长;女首领
7 dollar: US: [ˈdɑlər]  UK: [ˈdɒlə(r)]  n. 元(美国、加拿大、澳大利亚等国的货币单位)
8 cost sb. some money: 花费某人多少钱
9 be sold: 被卖掉 这里是被动语态(表示“被…”)
10 drawn: draw的过去分词 这里是“抽(签)”的意思  “be+过去分词”表被动(表示“被…”)
11 use A to do sth. 用A做某事
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