Grade 8 Unit 2 Topic 2 Section D

Some people think that smoking can help them relax. In fact [1]in fact: 事实上,实际上, smoking is really unhealthy [2]unhealthy: 不健康的;虚弱的;损害健康的;对身体有害的. Do you know that there are over 4 000 chemicals [3]chemical: US: [ˈkemɪk(ə)l]  UK: [‘kemɪk(ə)l]  n. 化学品;化学制品 in cigarettes [4]cigarette: US: [ˈsɪɡəˌret]  UK: [.sɪɡə’ret]  n. 卷烟;香烟;纸烟? These chemicals are bad for our bodies [5]body: US: [ˈbɑdi]  UK: [ˈbɒdi]  n. 身体;物体;尸体;躯体 . They can cause cancer and other diseases [6]disease: US: [dɪˈziz]   UK: [dɪˈziːz]  n. 病;疾病;恶疾;痼疾 .
The smoke from cigarettes harms [7]harm: US: [hɑrm]   UK: [hɑː(r)m]   n. 伤害;损害   v. 伤害;损害 not only smokers [8]smoker: US: [ˈsmoʊkər]   UK: [ˈsməʊkə(r)]   n. 吸烟者 but other people [9]not only … but (also) … : 不仅…而且…. It’s called “second-hand [10]second-hand:  adj. 旧的;用过的;二手的;间接得来的 smoke” and it can be more dangerous [11]more dangerous: 更危险的,是dangerous的比较级 and has higher  [12]high: 高的 higher是high的比较级形式,意为“更高的” risks [13]risk: US: [rɪsk]  UK: [rɪsk]  n. 风险;危险;危险人物;会带来风险的事物. Smokers shouldn’t use smoking to help them relax. They must give up [14]give up: 放弃;交出 ;后跟名词或动句词 smoking as soon as possible [15]as … as possible: 尽可能地…….

Word Bank

Word Bank
1 in fact: 事实上,实际上
2 unhealthy: 不健康的;虚弱的;损害健康的;对身体有害的
3 chemical: US: [ˈkemɪk(ə)l]  UK: [‘kemɪk(ə)l]  n. 化学品;化学制品
4 cigarette: US: [ˈsɪɡəˌret]  UK: [.sɪɡə’ret]  n. 卷烟;香烟;纸烟
5 body: US: [ˈbɑdi]  UK: [ˈbɒdi]  n. 身体;物体;尸体;躯体
6 disease: US: [dɪˈziz]   UK: [dɪˈziːz]  n. 病;疾病;恶疾;痼疾
7 harm: US: [hɑrm]   UK: [hɑː(r)m]   n. 伤害;损害   v. 伤害;损害
8 smoker: US: [ˈsmoʊkər]   UK: [ˈsməʊkə(r)]   n. 吸烟者
9 not only … but (also) … : 不仅…而且…
10 second-hand:  adj. 旧的;用过的;二手的;间接得来的
11 more dangerous: 更危险的,是dangerous的比较级
12 high: 高的 higher是high的比较级形式,意为“更高的”
13 risk: US: [rɪsk]  UK: [rɪsk]  n. 风险;危险;危险人物;会带来风险的事物
14 give up: 放弃;交出 ;后跟名词或动句词
15 as … as possible: 尽可能地……
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