Grade 8 Unit 7 Topic 1 Section A

Jane: Do you know about Craig Kielburger?
Kangkang: Yes. He is from Canada and he started Free the Children.
Michael: He was only twelve years old when he started to help poor children.
Maria: Yes. Free the Children has built over 700 school rooms in many countries.
Jane: Young people like us raised most of the money.
Kangkang: Really? Then shall we have a food festival and raise money to give to Free the Children?
Jane: Good idea! They are trying to build a school in Kenya. When and where shall we have the food festival?
Kangkang: I think we can have it on our school playground on Sunday.
Maria: I will turn to our teachers.
Michael: My task is to make a poster.
Kangkang: Good! I’ll get in touch with Craig Kielburger on the Internet to get more information about him.
Jane: I will think about how to hold the food festival.
Maria: Great! Let’s try our best to make it a success.

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