Grade 9 Unit 3 Topic 2 Section C

Some things usually have different meanings in different cultures. Here are some words about animals that are used differently in western cultures and Chinese culture.
Most phrases in Chinese about the dog, such as “a homeless dog”, “a mad dog”, “a running dog” and “a dog catching a mouse”, have negative meanings. But in western countries, dogs are considered honest and good friends of humans. The word, “dog”, has positive meanings. For example, “you are a lucky dog” means you are a lucky person. And “every dog ( / Y has its day” means each person has good luck at
As we know, dragons are very important in Chinese culture. In ancient times, dragons were regarded as strong and magical creatures. They brought hope and good luck. The ancient emperors compared themselves to dragons. Nowadays, many parents want their children to become “dragons”. But in western cultures, dragons were dangerous animals. Heroes killed them to protect people.
Some things have similar meanings in Chinese culture and western cultures.
The rose is regarded as a symbol of love in both China and some western countries. People in China and the West think the rose also stands for peace, courage and friendship. When we pay attention to the cultural meanings of words, we will understand them better.

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