Grade 7 Unit 8 Topic 1 Section B

Michael’s Mother: Hello, Michael! This is Mom. How are things going?
Michael: Hi, Mom! Things are going very well. How is everyone there?
Michael’s Mother: Everyone is fine here. What is the weather like in Beijing?
Michael: It is rainy today, but it was sunny and warm yesterday.
Michael’s Mother: Remember to put on your raincoat when you go outside.
Michael: Yes, Mom.
Michael’s Mother: Goodbye, Michael.
Michael: Goodbye, Mom.


A: What’s the weather like today?
B: It’s very cold.
A: What’s the temperature, do you know?
B: The lowest temperature is -8 ’C and the highest temperature is -2 ’C.


The Light Rain
The ‘heavy ‘rain was ‘over.
The ‘light ‘rain be’gan,
‘falling ‘from the ‘higher ‘leaves,
‘shining ‘in ‘the ‘sun.
‘Down ‘to the ‘lower ‘leaves,
‘one ‘drop by ‘one.

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