Grade 7 Unit 8 Topic 1 Section C

The sum m er holidays are coming. If you plan to travel on your holidays, you’d better know about the weather in different places in August.
In England, It Is warm and rains a lot. You need to take an umbrella when you go out.
In Australia, It’s winter In August, but It’s not very cold. So It’s the best time to go there. Of course, please remember to wear warm clothes.
In most areas of China, It Is very hot. The sun shines brightly. You need to wear sunglasses, a T-shirt and shorts. Sometimes it rains suddenly, but later on, It may get fine again.


Four Seasons in China

In China, spring returns in March. The weather gets warm. Everything comes back to life. Trees turn green and flowers come out. It is a wonderful season.

Summer begins In June. It is very hot. It often rains and sometimes
it rains heavily.

Fall comes after summer. It Is the harvest season, and the farmers are busy harvesting, it’s and the leaves fall from the trees. The cold weather Is coming.

Winter lasts from December to February It’s a very season. We all wear warm clothes. The wind blows strongly and sometimes there Is Ice or snow.

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