Grade 8 Unit 2 Topic 3 Section C

Keeping Healthy
(Kangkang’s father, Dr. Li, is giving a talk about health to the students.)
You need to have healthy eating habits. Breakfast gives you enough energy for the morning. So don’t go to school without it. Fruit and vegetables are good for your health, but fast food, like potato chips, will make you fat and unhealthy. So cat the right food to keep you healthy.
Playing sports can also help you keep fit. But sometimes accidents can happen, so try to stay safe when you play them. It’s necessary for you to learn about first aid. Then you can help yourselves or others if an accident happens.
Happiness is important for your health. It is the best medicine. When you are ill, try to be happy and you’ll feel better. On the other hand, you may feel ill if you are always unhappy. So, be happy to be healthy.
You must stay away from smoking and drinking. Many students think it’s cool to smoke and drink. But they don’t know smoking or drinking can cause many illnesses. You should say no to smoking and drinking.

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