Grade 8 Unit 2 Topic 3 Section C

Keeping Healthy

(Kangkang’s father, Dr. Li, is giving a talk [1]give a talk:  作报告;做报告;演讲 about health to the students.)

You need to have healthy eating habits [2]habit:US: [ˈhæbɪt]   UK: [‘hæbɪt]  n. 习惯;习性;惯常行为;(吸毒、喝酒、抽烟的)瘾 . Breakfast gives you enough energy for the morning. So don’t go to school without it. Fruit and vegetables are good for [3]be good for: 对…有好处;对……有益;对…有作用 your health, but fast food, like potato chips, will make you fat [4]fat: US: [fæt]  UK: [fæt]  n. 脂肪;肥肉;(烹调用的)动植物油;(人体摄入的动植物)脂肪   adj. 肥的;肥胖的;厚的;宽大的 and unhealthy. So cat the right food to keep you healthy.

Playing sports can also help you keep fit. But sometimes accidents can happen [5]happen: US: [ˈhæpən]   UK: [‘hæpən]  v. 发生;出现;  linkv. 碰巧;恰好, so try to stay safe when you play them. It’s necessary for you to learn about [6]learn about:了解;学习有关…知识;学得 first aid [7]first aid: n. 急救. Then you can help yourselves or others if an accident happens.

Happiness [8]happiness:US: [ˈhæpinəs]   UK: [‘hæpinəs]   n. 幸福;愉快;(用语等的)适当; is important for your health. It is the best medicine. When you are ill, try to be happy and you’ll feel better. On the other hand [9]on the other hand: 从另一方面来说;在另一方面, you may feel ill if you are always unhappy [10]unhappy:US: [ʌnˈhæpi]   UK: [ʌn’hæpi]    adj. 不快乐的;不幸福的;难过的;悲伤的 . So, be happy to be healthy [11] be happy to be healthy: Be happy (主干)  |  to be healthy(目的). .

You must stay away from [12]stay away from: 退避三舍;回避;不要到…去;停止和…交往 smoking and drinking. Many students think it’s cool to smoke and drink. But they don’t know smoking or drinking can cause many illnesses. You should say no to [13]say no to: 拒绝某事;反对;拒绝某人 smoking and drinking.

Word Bank

Word Bank
1 give a talk:  作报告;做报告;演讲
2 habit:US: [ˈhæbɪt]   UK: [‘hæbɪt]  n. 习惯;习性;惯常行为;(吸毒、喝酒、抽烟的)瘾
3 be good for: 对…有好处;对……有益;对…有作用
4 fat: US: [fæt]  UK: [fæt]  n. 脂肪;肥肉;(烹调用的)动植物油;(人体摄入的动植物)脂肪   adj. 肥的;肥胖的;厚的;宽大的
5 happen: US: [ˈhæpən]   UK: [‘hæpən]  v. 发生;出现;  linkv. 碰巧;恰好
6 learn about:了解;学习有关…知识;学得
7 first aid: n. 急救
8 happiness:US: [ˈhæpinəs]   UK: [‘hæpinəs]   n. 幸福;愉快;(用语等的)适当;
9 on the other hand: 从另一方面来说;在另一方面
10 unhappy:US: [ʌnˈhæpi]   UK: [ʌn’hæpi]    adj. 不快乐的;不幸福的;难过的;悲伤的
11 be happy to be healthy: Be happy (主干)  |  to be healthy(目的).
12 stay away from: 退避三舍;回避;不要到…去;停止和…交往
13 say no to: 拒绝某事;反对;拒绝某人
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