Grade 9 Unit 6 Topic 3 Section A

Kangkang: How time flies! We’ll graduate from Beijing International School this
Michael: Maria: Jane: Maria:
Yes, and there’s going to be a graduation ceremony.
What should we do to get ready for it?
I think we should prepare some gifts.
But, first of all, we must pass our final examination.
Take it easy. We have worked so hard /KO X that we will be able to pass it easily.
Kangkang: Shall we give speeches at the ceremony?
Jane: Perhaps. If so, what are you going to say?
Kangkang: I’ll say I have learned not only how to study, but how to be a man.
Maria: Thinking back on the past three years, I have learned that if I want to succeed, I must study hard.
Michael: Well, I will never forget the saying, “ Nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it.” I will also remember our friendship forever.

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