Grade 8 Units 7-8 Review

Fangfang, a 15-year-old Chinese girl, likes eating snacks very much. She prefers cream biscuits, hamburgers and fried chicken. Sometimes she eats two pieces of cake a day. As a result, she has become overweight.

Today in China, there are many children like Fangfang. They like snacks. They don’t eat enough healthy food like fruit and vegetables. It’s very bad for their health. Poor eating habits are a serious problem.

Health experts say that children should have healthy eating habits. First, they must eat meals regularly and begin with a healthy breakfast Second, they should have different kinds of foods such as fruit, vegetables, grain eggs, milk and meat. Third, children shouldn’t eat too much junk food. They are delicious, but eating them often is bad for children’s health.

If children do as the experts say, they won’t become overweight. They will be healthier. Students won’t become tired at school, and they will have enough energy to study well.

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