Grade 8 Unit 2 Topic 3 Section D

How to Exercise Well

• Warm up.
It is important to warm up before you exercise. You need to stretch your legs, arms, back and neck before you do any difficult activities like running.

• Find good places to exercise.
You do not need to spend a lot of money exercising. You can run or play sports in a park or in your school gym. You don’t need to buy exercise equipment for your home. Just get your body moving!

• Don’t work too hard.
Choose a sport that you enjoy and then your exercise will be fun instead of work. Also, you only need to exercise a few times each week. If you exercise for 30 minutes each time, you will stay healthy.

• Drink enough water.
It is important to drink water when you exercise. Your body needs the water for energy and for keeping cool.

• Be careful!
If you hurt yourself while you are exercising, rest until you feel better. Exercising when you are hurt is bad for your health.

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